Founded in 2000, Learnership brings expert knowledge of cultural leadership and integration/transformation projects, using online knowledge sharing, surveys, workshops and interviews.

Our expertise has taken us into UK, European, and Global businesses, with a Canadian based associate serving our North American client base.

Learnership provides a personal service to all clients, having a range of Senior Associates to support the office based team.

Learnership has ISO9001 100% clean annual audits since accreditation in 2005.

Our cultural approach has been recognised as a leading European Practice by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development.


John Williamson - founder of Learnership

John has extensive commercial background, with over 30 years in the Financial and Business Sectors. He is an informed speaker with experience in USA, Canada, Brazil, Russia, Scandinavia and mainland Europe/UK. He has a Masters Degree in Leadership and Cultural Change and has held two Governor roles over recent years, specialising in curriculum, finance, communications and HR, in his local Oxfordshire schools.